NW Water Heaters is the premier information resource for consumers to learn about the benefits of modern heat pump water heaters. The latest generation of heat pump water heaters can produce hot water with as little as 40% of the energy used in standard electric water heaters.



Consumers need to be careful selecting the proper heat pump water heater both for their household, as well as the climate they live in. Not every electric water heater is created equal: AirGenerate hybrid electric heat pump water heaterAirGenerate Airtap™ Hybrid water heaters are the most advanced heat pump water heaters sold to date in the United States.

ENERGY STAR qualified AirTap electric water heaters save money and product the environment through their energy efficiency:

AirTap™ electric water heaters operate in efficient heat pump mode down to 20 degrees ambient temperature.

Integrated AirGenerate AirTap™ heat pump water heaters can be connected to ductwork to exhaust cold air out of the living space to the exterior of the home.

Direct Vented AirGenerate AirTap™ heat pump water heaters come with the option to install an air intake duct and an air exhaust duct.

AirGenerate heat pump water heaters features an 8,000 BTU heat pump for fast hot water recovery and efficiency with an outstanding Energy Factor of 2.3EF.

AirGenerate water heater tanks are made of stainless steel to withstand tough water conditions and carry a lifetime warranty.

AirGenerate electric heat pump water heaters are operating at a low sound level of 48 decibels (about the level of a new dishwasher).

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) states that most heat pump water heater models available in the U.S. market aren’t suitable for use in the Northern US, because they are designed for warmer climates and lose efficiency below 40 degrees. NEEA developed a specification to address cold temperature performance issues. The AirGenerate Airtap™ Hybrid is currently the only US heat pump water heater optimized for Northern climates.


AirGenerate AirTap™ Hybrid heat pump water heaters are built to maximize energy savings and meet cold climate performance standards.


AirGenerate offers the Airtap™ Hybrid heat pump water heaters in three different sizes. Make sure to pick the right size for your home. Learn about how Airtap™ stacks up to the competition.

Where to Buy

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