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Consumers need to be careful selecting the proper heat pump water heater both for their household, as well as the climate they live in. Not every electric water heater is created equal: geo skeleton

GE GeoSpring™ hybrid water heaters are the most advanced heat pump water heaters sold to date in the United States-functioning at ambient temperatures as low as 35 degrees F.

ENERGY STAR qualified GeoSpring electric water heaters save money and protect the environment through their energy efficiency:

GeoSpring™ electric water heaters operate in four different energy-saving modes to accommodate your home’s hot water use.

They feature top and bottom electric elements in addition to the heat pump to boost its productivity when necessary, and provide a backup heat source should the heat pump require maintenance.

GeoSpring water heaters are equipped with a durable brass full-port valve for faster draining and easy installation.

Operating at a low sound level of 54 decibels, the GeoSpring’s efficiency will be seen (on your lowered electric bills), but not heard.

The GeoSpring can be connected via WiFi so owners can control and monitor their water heater remotely via the GeoSpring app.


GeoSpring™ Hybrid heat pump water heaters are built to maximize energy savings and meet performance standards.

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GE offers the GeoSpring™ hybrid heat pump water heaters in two different sizes. Make sure to pick the right size for your home. Learn about how GE stacks up to the competition.

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Finding an installer or purchasing an GE GeoSpring™ hybrid heat pump water heater is easy. Contact a factory trained installer or distributor today.