AirGenerate AirTap Installation & Product Review

by ctalarico on March 9, 2012

AirGenerate AirTap ATI50My existing 24 year old electric water heater was on its last legs and as the single largest electric load in my house, I knew I wanted to replace it with a new, efficient model. Its location in my unfinished basement meant that I needed a new one that would not only be efficient, but also fit in a tight space without having to do much plumbing re-work. Reading up on the latest generation of heat pump water heaters led me to settle on the Air Generate 50-gallon unit because it required minimal plumbing re-work to install, had one of the highest EF ratings for an electric water heater currently available, and came with a duct connection so I could direct the cold exhaust air outside. Since it was installed last winter, I have never run out of hot water even with back-to-back showers, I have been able to turn down the hot water temperature because the tank loses very little heat compared to my old tank, and as a result our electric bills have been almost cut in half. It’s extremely quiet, has different operating modes to turn it off when I’m on vacation, and is a completely stainless steel tank so I’ll be sure it lasts for a very long time. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase, and the addition of state and federal tax credits helped to make my choice even easier.


Nicholas O’Neil, P.E., LEED® AP

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